August 4-6: Fairy Grove landscaping

On the weekend of 4-6th of August we are organizing an event of landscaping and cleaning the houses combined with a dip in lake Balaton. 

Would you like to help refugee families?

Many families run out of their savings by the time they get there. They are left alone in an alien country without shelter, job and language knowledge. The result: there are more and more refugees, even children, who are starving…

We need volunteers for our media work

We are looking for volunteers for the team which prepares and manages our communication projects, who are inspired by a chance to take active and creative part in our media work.

Önkénteseket keresünk a médiamunkánkhoz

A kommunikációs projekjeinket előkészítő és menedzselő csoportunkba önkénteseket keresünk, akiket lelkesít a lehetőség, hogy aktív és kreatív közreműködői lehetnek a médiamunkánknak.