A conspiracy darker than Plan Soros uncovered

We are rarely on the same page with the governing parties, but now we must totally agree: one must campaign against Plan Soros. But as we were all concentrating on Soros, an even more dangerous, well-organized conspiracy was uncovered.
For the first time the mysterious Plan Zuckerberg is unveiled here, at Migration Aid. The coiner of this evil plan is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and leader of the online social platform Facebook. The investigations of the government have found out: Zuckerberg has a paramount role in the fact that millions of migrants want to come to Europe. The migrants use the so-called Facebook groups to set up dangerous hordes of themselves. There are large groups counting tens of thousands of members, where they share with each other the experiences of their journey to Europe, and even smugglers are free to advertise their services. And there is more: the messaging service of Facebook allows migrants to communicate with each other, with smugglers, and the most dangerous of all: they are able to encourage their relatives and friends who stayed at home to set upon Europe.
Zuckerberg – to add to the mayhem – has built a share function into Facebook, thus allowing the selfie of a happy migrant in Berlin, at the Brandenburg Gate to reach thousands of potential migrants, who may take courage from the success of the one taking the selfies and decide to come to Europe too.
Other migrant-loving organizations have joined Plan Zuckerberg: Samsung, Nokia and Apple are inspiring the tearing down of Europe with migrant-compatible smartphones, Google is helping their migrations with countless useful applications, like Google Maps, which helps migrants find their way and plan the ideal route to Europe. Plan Zuckerberg does not only cause the end of Hungary, but possibly of Europe too. We totally support the ideas leaked from the government, like banning Facebook in Hungary with all the imperialist phones, maybe even banning Windows too, because Soros and Zuckerberg are using this operation system.
There’s no need for panic, we won’t be left without smartphones and computers. According to the government plans there will be an original Hungarian and migrant-resistant RezsiPhone and iLoveViktor operation system too.