A policeman gave his own shoes to a barefoot refugee

The workers of SIRIUS.HELP, an aid organization supported by Migration Aid, witnessed a policeman on duty along the Serbian-Hungarian border handing over his very own shoes to a barefoot refugee. The leader of the aid organization in reference to the background of the story, said this: “A larger group arived at the tranzit zone, and an old man among them had had his shoes completely worn off. The policeman told he had just recieved a new pair, he wouldn’t mind giving it to him. He took off his shoes on the spot and helped the old man, who was incredibly grateful, to put them on.”

Unfortunately this is not the reality. This article is part of our campaign called EMPATHETIC HUNGARY. In this campaign we check the press for fresh news about migration and refugees and we transform these news to show what the press could talk about in this country if our political leaders would be humane, empathetic and working responsibly for a better future. Would you too prefer to live in an empathetic, benign country?