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First of all: thank you for keeping the plight of others in your mind and against all the hate-mongering propaganda you still stand by the needy and persecuted. This resolution itself is a great step towards keeping our common cause alive. If you wish to participate, you can show your support by simply following our website and other online communication channels or sharing and liking our contents.


If you can afford to, you may also help Migration Aid’s operations with donation. We use all incoming donations for our current projects.

Support us with a bank transfer:

Migration Aid Foundation can accept bank transfers to the accounts listed below:
Raiffeisen Bank, Budapest
IBAN: HU06 1201 1351 0158 9917 0010 0003

Support us via PayPal:

You can support us via PayPal via: or click here.


We are looking for properties for different projects to help performing our humanitarian tasks.

  • House of Solidarity: we are looking for a property (even which needs renovation) of 300-400 sqm, in Budapest. You can find more information about this project here: House of Solidarity.

  • Warehouse: for sorting and storing the clothing and other items received as donations, we are looking for a 200 sqm property, which can be heated / tempered and has a bathroom, in Budapest or in the vicinity.

  • We are also looking for flats for rent on a low price in or around Budapest for refugees, who were already given asylum, so they are legally staying in Hungary.

If you can offer any help in these matters, please contact us on


Can you help the integration of the refugees who are staying legally in Hungary by offering them a job, an opportunity to earn money? If yes, please let us know on