We are aiding the Ukranian refugee crisis.

Migration Aid utilizes its resources fully to aid the Ukranian refugee crisis. 
Please read below further information about how we put the donations to use.

Donations can be sent to:

Recipient: “A Segítők Egyesület” 

Account number: 11710088-21459928
IBAN: HU89 1171 0088 2145 9928 0000 0000
You can also contribute one –time or regularly on a monthly basis.
PayPal: or click here.

How do we decide what to spend the donations on?

Our mission is to be effective. During recent years, quick assistance and least possible bureaucracy involvement turned out to be our main principals when organizing help.
We tend to address the most difficult and challenging matters. In our experience, these are the areas that lack focus or avoided by other organizations.
One of our great advantage is that we are a small organization without a management structure. This enables us to act quicker than bigger organizations, when an unexpected crisis situation evolves.
In contrast with other organizations, Migration Aid is not supported financially by the Hungarian government, nor by the European Union. This gives us the benefit of free choice and open communication with the public.

We are currently running the below listed projects from our donations:

Refugee Center in Madridi street, Budapest

Our refugee home has a capacity of 300 people. It has opened its doors on the 12th of March and it accommodates Ukranian refugees who are mainly here in transit for a short stay, before they move on and travel further to meet their friends and families in other countries. Please read further about the establishment here. (English version is coming soon.)

Crisis centers at Railway Stations (Nyugati and Keleti railway Stations, Budapest)

We welcome refugees arriving by train at the platforms and assist them with finding accommodation, and we also arrange car rides for them. We assist with international flight and road travel arrangements. We purchase tickets for those who arrive without any funds or in case if their final destination is difficult to reach.

Mentoring Programme

We assign a mentor to each refugee who decides to stay long term in Hungary. The mentors support them with organizing their services and supplies and they also help with their integration.
You can read further about this project in this Facebook group. (In Hungarian.)

Call center

We have been inundated with queries about the refugee crisis recently. We are in the process of setting up a call center, where we can address these queries. Our aim is to provide precise answers, solutions, or to provide contacts to other specialist organizations who can assist further with certain types of requests.