Resistance is obligatory

We resist the government’s efforts to sabotage the Migration Aid’s work in the field of providing for refugees and keep doing our job as long as we can find support for it. For where the law turns into unlawfulness, resistance is obligatory.

Do you recalle the shenanigans from exactly one year ago?

This summer shows perfectly that last year’s mood was artificially poisoned and not the reactions of the locals. We used the cabins which were offered to us to use for holidays. We met only interested glances, nicely inquiring policemen and friendly, helpful locals and we went to the beach, talked a lot, cooked on the patio.

Will you help us?

This initiative is the first of its kind in Hungary. We have stacked its shelves with more than 3000 basic items (like clothes, shoes, sanitation items, basic food products).

We wrote a letter to Minister Lázár

For us it is paramount to keep our communication and relationships open and honest. We want to make the first step in this direction and summarize what we see as problems in the current status of immigration and asylum system. We not only point out what seems to be a problem, but also offer our help in finding a solution for it. 

Orbán called Migration Aid a liar. Does he also encourage violence against the volunteers of Migration Aid?

So, Viktor, if your colleagues hadn’t told you, let me inform you: Migration Aid is only pampering those people in this country, who were allowed here by you. Or at least by your people, who were following your instructions. Please just make up your mind. Either you should fire Pintér and torch BMW and AH, because they aren’t doing what you have told them to do, or stop fooling the people. In this country only those can enter as refugees who are allowed to do so by your regime.

The Government Isn’t Omnipotent

Lázár János, the Minister of Prime Minister’s office has mentioned the activities of Migration Aid several times on his last information broadcast. According to the Minister we are responsible for the current situation in Őcsény. He’s free to feel like this.

We will bring the refugees to Felcsut too

For now I am also a refugee. Me and my dedicated associates will be fleeing in the country from city to city, from village to village. We’ll stop for a short time everywhere to talk and to get to know the locals.

A conspiracy darker than Plan Soros uncovered

The investigations of the government have found out: Zuckerberg has a paramount role in the fact that millions of migrants want to come to Europe. The migrants use the so-called Facebook groups to set up dangerous hordes of themselves.

Köszönjük, ha megosztod.