The prime minister of Hungary instructed the ministry of home affairs to create a plan for the periodic removal and recycle of the border barrier along the Serbian-Hungarian and the Croatian-Hungarian borders. The government spokesman explained the decision by saying that the migratory pressure at the southern border has substantially decreased.
The decision was preluded by an agreement among the states of EU, which allowed for the one-off distribution of the nearly 80 thousand migrants and refugees stuck along the Western-Balkan route. The spokesman added, whereas in 2015 there were over 177 thousand requests for asylum in Hungary, in 2016 it dropped to 30 thousand, and in 2017 it is expected to go below 3 thousand, which is approximately the amount preceding 2014.

Unfortunately this is not the reality. This article is part of our campaign called EMPATHETIC HUNGARY. In this campaign we check the press for fresh news about migration and refugees and we transform these news to show what the press could talk about in this country if our political leaders would be humane, empathetic and working responsibly for a better future. Would you too prefer to live in an empathetic, benign country?