Doesn’t the government have one adviser who is an expert on psychology? Do they know at all what are they doing or are they just flying blindly propelled by the power of Soros’s name? Is it possible that they are so intoxicated by their power that they don’t even care about the whole nation they are dragging with themselves? Are they still in of sound mind? The fish rots from the head down – as the proverb goes. If Őcsény is the fish, what does it show us about the political elite? Whose interest it is to push a whole country into fear and anxiety? Which is the real plan this current Soros-calling is trying to disguise? Is it possible that Russia is getting in closer again?
Just to mention: around the months of the Soviet drawing their forces out of Hungary in certain military and counter-intelligence circles their was a stubborn assumption that the Russian had buried some of their heavy weaponry in the country. Thus if they wanted to come back, they would only have to drop some paratroopers and could take the country in 24 hours. This time would not be enough for NATO to catch up, and the country’s defensive capabilities are closer to nothing.

We drifted far from the cause of refugees, but only seemingly. Few hundred distressed, persecuted men and women who are registered as refugees are used to scare and check the whole country by the government propaganda. The example of Őcsény is premonitory: the situation is even graver than we thought. Those who are rushed in the arms of fear don’t even care about the laws that regulate our co-existence. The statement that our constitution guarantees free movement to all who are staying in the country legally was followed by loud uproar. What do you think an indignant local would propose as means of distinguishing a refugee from a Muslim tourist who’d been living in Germany for decades? Should we put a yellow star on the refugee?!
I don’t assume that the Hungarian government wants to build a fascist regime. But I can suppose that while they are sitting in their bubble they don’t have a clue about what damage they are doing in the souls of our fellow Hungarians and that we are running into an abyss.

Dear Hungarian mayors! I urge you to consult with the inhabitants of the settlements in your care to see if we may stay with you for a few nights and see the sights or visit the inns. We, the refugees.

For now I am also a refugee. Me and my dedicated associates will be fleeing in the country from city to city, from village to village. We’ll stop for a short time everywhere to talk and to get to know the locals, we’ll eat, we’ll play music, we’ll take the narrow-gauge railway to see a match between Felcsút and Ferencváros. We, the refugees.
Who’s with me?

Andras Siewert, 28/09/2017

Köszönjük, ha megosztod.