We have opened the gates of the first Crisis Centre of Refugee Families in Budapest. This initiative is the first of its kind in Hungary. We have stacked its shelves with more than 3000 basic items (like clothes, shoes, sanitation items, basic food products). We wish to help in the everyday survival of the families who although were accepted by the Hungarian state as refugees but were immediately abandoned by the state too by allowing them to come here frequently and take anything they need from the shelves. The Crisis Centre operates on the donations of Hungarians who feel compassionate for the refugee families. To be able to manage it on a longer term we need 300 supporters who are willing to donate for the Crisis Centre’s running costs three thousand Hungarian forints (cca. 10 euros) for six months. This would cover the support of more than 50 refugee children and their parents for half a year. Thank you for helping out in giving them a chance.

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