Supporting the aid work of SIRIUS.HELP near the borders and in the camps

This means – among other tasks – providing food, clothing and fuel to those who are waiting at the Serbian side of the Röszke and Tompa transit zones. Between September 2016 and April 2017 we have distributed 18 tons of fuel, 4 tons of food, 2200 winter coats, 1200 pairs of shoes, 5 tons of other clothing items, 600 toiletry packs and cca. 200 000 Ft worth of medicines. And adding to this we support the inhabitants of the Hungarian refugee camps with clothing items, toiletries and food, which are delivered to the needy by SIRIUS.HELP.

As the laws were changed in the spring, those people, whose asylum request had been already legally refused, but submit it again, aren’t entitled to any provision at all. They are lodged partly in the transits and partly in the reception zones at Kiskunhalas. We deliver food and raw food for cooking to the people living in the Kiskunhalas camp every second week.


Background logistics for the aid work at the field

We are renting almost 300 sqm of warehouse, where we receive and sort the donations. In 2016 our warehouse received and then forwarded about 80 tons of aid items.

The warehouses and our volunteers who work them are the keys to the aid work at the field. Only in May 2017 we have assembled almost 300 individualized, fitted packs of clothing and shoes for families in our warehouse.

In 2016 we needed about two thousand volunteer work hours to manage the receiving and sorting of the donations.


House of Solidarity (under preparation)

This is an aid centre for those refugees who were granted status or asylum in Hungary. More and more people are pushed from the refugee camps to homeless shelters or even to the streets. Our goal is to give quick help to those who, when they leave the camps, have nowhere to turn to for support. The House of Solidarity offers transitional lodging for families and single refugees, and provides help in their search for housing and jobs, and manages a daycare facility for refugee families. You may read more about our project, which is under preparation right now at the House of Solidarity option.


Village of Asylum (planned)

The Village of Asylum is in planning right now, it would be a living space, where Hungarian families could live and work together with families who were granted asylum. About 50 % of the inhabitants would be Hungarian, and the other 50% foreigner (preferably from the same nation, pe. Syrian or Afghan). Our goal is to let the two nations know each other’s culture while keeping their own identities, and thus let them form and maintain a working and sustainable living space.