Give help to get free from the barbed wires of the transits

With the help of an Austrian donor we are now allowed to use a great property near Keszthely with three cabins which were used as summer houses for several years. We want to use this location to provide refugee families who were released from the transits with tranquil surroundings for a few weeks to help overcome their traumas. The place is called Fairy Grove.
We can occupy this location at the beginning of August, and we would like to start entertaining refugee families from the beginning of August.

This is where we ask for your help:

  • On the weekend of 4-5th of August we are organizing an event of landscaping and cleaning the houses combined with a dip in lake Balaton. For more details please click here.
  • We are looking for volunteers with experience in caring for refugees for at least one week long periods from the beginning of August to mid-October. Their job will be to help the families in the camp in their everyday needs (shopping, cooking together, looking after the children, organizing programs). Boarding and provision for the volunteers are covered.
  • The total cost for entertaining a family of four in the camp (traveling, meals, beach or theme park admission) is almost 5000 HUF (17 EUR) a day, not counting the maintenance costs of the camp and the building. With your donation you can help the rehabilitation of the families who are released from the transits. If you can help, please support our work.