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We receive emergency messages from the transit zones along the Serbian-Hungarian border.
“More and more people are quarantined with gastrointestinal symptoms. People are lying on the floor of the containers because there are too many patients. The heat is unbearable and the metal containers become warmer. There is no shadow nowhere. The air is full of dust which the wind will stir up even more. People are lose their weight and the kids are getting thinner. There are some families who have been locked in the barbed wire for two months. In the first few weeks, we could even ask the people of a relief organization to buy us things in the shop, now it can not be. They want us to die here?”

The transits in Tompa and Röszke have almost reached their maximum capacity. There are plenty of kids, nearly 60% of those who are staying here are under the age of 18. Three weeks ago the first baby was born among the barbed wire. There are already some of them who are so called ‘second applicants’ which means that they are not entitled to benefits (providing). They only get food when a relief organization gives them. The photos attached to this article were obtained from asylum seekers in the transits.

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