In spite of the threats we met happy refugees and compassionate Hungarians at the lake Balaton

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Last weekend we took a small group to a one-day trip to the shores of Balaton. In spite of the previously voiced threats from mayors and MPs we have spent a day of tranquility and leisure for all of us at Zamárdi.

The anti-refugee propaganda of the government has been beating the same lying and stereotyped messages: refugee = migrant = muslim = potential terrorist.

Contrarily the truth is that the refugees are culturally and mentally just as diverse as Hungarians themselves. Although the Afghan family we took last weekend is muslim, the mother never wore a hijab, not even in Afghanistan. As you can see on the pictures of the other muslim girl, she wears it only occasionally.

Although the Immigration Office doesn’t publish statistics on the religion of the refugees, according to our own experiences that in the first half of 2017 there have been in the transit zones waiting for the outcome of their asylum application countless families of Christian, Yazidi and other faiths and atheists too.

It should be of great priority to help refugees under the protection of Hungarian state to integrate efficiently to the host society. To achieve this, they have to take part of the everyday life of society. they have to get to know the Hungarian culture, the habits of the Hungarians. Unfortunately, due to political reasons the state has totally withdrawn from helping the asylum seekers who were granted status. and leaves them alone in the process of integration. It’s up to the goodwill and potentials of only a few organizations if these people get a chance to live a worthy life.
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