Inhuman conditions in the transits

Some of the asylum seekers do not get foods. The legal background for this is a Hungarian legislation which came into force in March 2017. This law allows not to provide for some of the people who are forced behind barbed wires until their application for asylum is processed. The people in question are the so called ‘application repeaters’: those who had previously applied for asylum in Hungary but were declined and now are trying for the second time. These people are placed separated in the transits at the Serbian-Hungarian borders, their areas are surrounded with barbed wires, and they aren’t allowed to leave their sectors, p.e. to shop for food. Meanwhile they are not entitled to any provision: they can not get any food or other basic necessities (clothes, personal hygiene products) from the office operating the transit zones, which belongs to the ministry of interior. Their only hope is in the charity organizations: they are the ones who can keep these people alive until the end of their asylum process.

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