Migrant Anthem

Why has Migration Aid highlighted some words of the Hungarian national anthem in its current poster and media campaign?

Our language – as most languages – shows a true imprint of encounters. One of Hungary’s most treasured poems, Himnusz (our national anthem) shows evidence of this: with some of its words coming from Turkish (‘bő’ meaning wealthy and ‘kar’ meaning arm), Latin (‘sors’ – fate), Iranian (‘isten’ – god), and the origin of ‘víg’ (joyful) is yet unknown, according to the analysis of András Róna-Tas.

What do we want to achieve with this message?

Throughout our history we have encountered new arrivals many times. These encounters have changed our culture in many ways – forming us to be what we call today the Hungarian nation. The nation we love, respect and cherish.  We would like you to see yourselves the same way: as members of a strong nation that is not scared of new encounters. A nation that believes in itself and instead of being paralyzed by fear – chooses to help actively. We had already chosen the latter. Should you wish to support our work, you may join us, help our work or simply share our message with others too.