No more lies

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In the past two years the centre of our activities was the support of people fleeing wars, persecution and hardships: we gave them clothes, food or words of encouragement.
While we were occupied with them, we didn’t realize what was happening to the people living around us. Naturally, we saw the billboards lining up on the roadside with the messages: fear the aliens. We read and hear the government propaganda, which constantly bombarding their own citizens with false messages. But it is only now that we realized how much damage was done by this darkess which has been poisoning the minds and hearts of the people. Now, when we see and experience how much hatred may be triggered in our fellow citizens by arranging a holiday for a few legalized Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi families.
We were the “happiest barrack” in the stifling times of communism, we welcomed with unflinching hospitality and openness the strangers coming in the country, no matter where they were from and why did they end up here. We have to change. There are already millions in need of support in our home too. We are too small to solve all problems of poverty and need, but we may do something to lessen the number of victims to the fear-mongering propaganda war which the government uses to push its own people into darkness. For not only the refugees are the victims of it, but we all are.

Don’t let us be misunderstood: we won’t start politics now, for us it doesn’t matter who is in power, because they can do whatever they want. We are only interested in people. Those who live with us in this country and are misled by the regime’s warped machinery spreading prejudice and sterotypes as viruses. The central element of all our activities will still be giving aid. But to make sure that it is still possible to live in this country not only for the refugees, but for us too, we have to step up. We have to shape the public opinion. For safety is a rightful wish for all of us. But what the government is doing: it doesn’t ensure safety, it just puts the seed of fear into the hearts of its people. In the following weeks we will refute the lies they want us to believe are serving us.
The one thing we need to do this the most is: joining together. Every helping hand, thought, feeling. Everyone, who feels like us and finds it like living under cold darkness what the small power elite forces upon us. For further information follow us.