Orbán called Migration Aid a liar. Does he also encourage violence against the volunteers of Migration Aid?

Our prime minister, Orbán Viktor has made the following statement about Őcsény this morning according to “there were so many lies about the migrants’ case, so now if they say only children will come, the Hungarian will reply that first the children, then the parents, then family reunification, and that’s trouble for us. It is quite appropriate that they have expressed their opinion explicitly, loudly and clearly”.

Mr Prime Minister,

you should dismiss your people, because it seems they are incapable of informing you correctly about what’s going on in the country.
First of all: there’s a ministry called Interior, led by Pintér Sándor. You should at least remember his face, he should be present on the government meetings. This ministry has lots of offices, I will highlight two of these:  the Immigration and Asylum Office (Hungarian abbreviation: BMH). You know they are the ones who decide – following your instructions – if a migrant arriving to the borders can come in the country, because he/she is really a refugee or should go back home, because in reality he/she is just an economic migrant.

There’s the other office called Constitution Protection Office (Hungarian abbreviation: AH). If you weren’t informed, they are the ones who cross-examine every asylum seeker following your instructions, and then declare if they are a national security risk. They check if they may be terrorists or rapists or they are only victims fleeing the terrorists and rapists. You can find the files in your archives of all those who were granted state protection.

So, Viktor, if your colleagues hadn’t told you, let me inform you: Migration Aid is only pampering those people in this country, who were allowed here by you. Or at least by your people, who were following your instructions. Please just make up your mind. Either you should fire Pintér and torch BMW and AH, because they aren’t doing what you have told them to do, or stop fooling the people. In this country only those can enter as refugees who are allowed to do so by your regime.

It is a completely different question that even if they were accepted they will be neglected and it will be up to us and the other NGOs like us to see if they stay alive at all…

Don’t start telling me that we don’t tell the truth about whom we are trying to help. Only those who are allowed into the country and left up to us. You can ask for a list and then you can check them by name.

And one more thing, Viktor, one that I’m interested in: “It is quite appropriate that they have expressed their opinion explicitly, loudly and clearly” — does this mean that you are supporting everything that was told in Őcsény? Even threatening the lives of refugees and aid workers? Damaging their properties? Does it mean you support violence and committing felonies? Just to let us know clearly what can be expected of you…

With regards,
Andras Siewert