To sum up in two sentences:
We want to join together those, who sympathize with their fellow people who are persecuted, who left their home under duress.
Also we want to reach the needy with the help we can offer in the most efficient way possible, without bureaucracy.

Our four main focuses are:

1. Field work which helps the survival and maintains the health of the needy asylum seekers. We provide food, drinking water, clothing and toiletry items, tents, sleeping bags, solid fuel and psychological help to those who are still on the road.
2. Helping those who were given refugee status. According to the changes made in March 2017 to the Hungarian refugee regulations, those people who were granted refugee status, subsidiary protection or hosted status are pushed from the open refugee camps into the streets without any help. They have to survive without any language knowledge or job in an unknown environment, which has already been made more and more hostile by the government propaganda. Lots of them also run out of their saved money by this time, and more and more Syrian and Afghan families end up at the homeless shelters or on the streets of Budapest. It’s already been a year since we have been nursing our dream of creating the “House of Solidarity” in a property in Budapest, which – although only temporarily – could help out these people. You can read about it more at the “House of Solidarity” option.

3. Forming the opinion about migration and the refugees’ cause. The cause of refugees have become a political playground in the past 2-3 years, the professional communication was pushed in the background. We want to take care and let the Hungarian citizens to see migration, immigration, refugees in a perspective different from the propaganda of the political elite.  We want to share our messages on our website and other online forums, printed and audiovisual media and events.

4. Research of global migration and its background and aspects of safety. Monitoring the global migration and mainly the processes which involve Hungary, with data and information collection, processing and analyzing the acquired information. Our research activities include the root causes of migration, the experiences gathered on the migration routes – with our main focus on human trafficking and abuse from the authorities -, and also the social, social psychological processes and the safety issues of migration. As part of our activities we publish the results of the researches and represent them in professional forums and events.