Refugees party at Sziget Festival


Even though we did not make arrangements beforehand with the mayor and citizens of Budapest, everybody was happy. We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers of Sziget for allowing 14 men, women and children with refugee background to attend the programs of one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe.

We watched the protocol opening ceremony with ambassadors and cultural institute leaders from several countries, then the reception held at the “Tent Without Borders”, where the organizers explained that they believe in a multi-colored Europe and solidarity.

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“Never Give Up” – we had to go through a labyrinth made from pallets with a white cane: we tried that too. There are numerous exciting project at Sziget that offer community sensitization towards the life of the visually, hearing or impaired or disabled. The Fun-fair is the children’s favorite. We all are watching the puppet-show with rapt attention.
Who is the refugee on this video? Where are these people from?

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These days the government media isn’t only instigating against the refugees on their way to Europe, but also against those, who are under the protection of the Hungarian state and living among us, interested in our culture and everyday life. As hundreds of thousands of “Islanders” from the Sziget prove: we can enrich our lives if we pay attention to each other and don’t let fear and hatred guide our lives.