The Government Isn’t Omnipotent

Lázár János, the Minister of Prime Minister’s office has mentioned the activities of Migration Aid several times on his last information broadcast. According to the Minister we are responsible for the current situation in Őcsény. He’s free to feel like this. In the past weeks an evil circle was formed around the representatives of the government/governing parties and Migration Aid. We also see differently the state of the Hungarian society and the Hungarian immigration issues. However, we have decided that it is pointless to put the blame on each other , so we won’t keep on strike back in this match, as a sign to the government that shows we are ready for a constructive discussion, if the Hungarian society and the refugees accepted by the country can benefit from it.

First of all we publish the open letter of Siklósi Brigitta, chairwoman of the board of Migraiton Aid Alapítvány. Monday we’ll pass on our detailed professional propositions to Mr Lázár.

Dear Lázár János,

I have to confess that recently I started worrying that the government of my home is turning its back on me and shuts me out of the process of handling those problems in which I may be of assistance. I started feeling that as a citizen and as a civilian I have no reason for existence and for a reason unknown before me I am the target of anger and condemnation. 

I have to start with stating I’m not a politician or an economist, I don’t know about leading a country or about its financial background. Thus I don’t follow the politics and I don’t want to explain which money should go where. I don’t feel entitled to intervene in things where I can’t offer a better solution, that is why I don’t criticize the work of the government. But it hurts when I’m trying to help, lessen the burden on you, without asking for payment, and I am called a (war) criminal. These are hard times, and your life must be difficult. If the kids are ill, if there’s a birthday or the weather is perfect for an excursion, you have to work, you have to make hard choices. I could not undertake this.

I admit freely that – perhaps because of my youth – I had no idea about Soros György until you started talking about him. Stone me, but I didn’t even know about CEU until your legislation against it. But it wasn’t a problem, as long as I have no contact with them, I have no opportunity to examine them objectively, so I won’t take sides on their matter. I am sceptical, I don’t choose any side, if I had any experience about them, maybe I could form an opinion.

As I’m not into politics, you too were unknown for me until now. I don’t really follow the news. Not because I bury my head in the sand, but because there are so few objective press sources. Maybe there is none. Everyone is writing what their readers want to read or they might alienate them. I wouldn’t say there’s no reality in it, I believe those are all realities for someone, but it looks like one sees their world in all black, the other in all white. One thinks FIDESZ is omnipotent, the other thinks they should hang, I’m not like that.

For me you aren’t either omnipotent or jailbirds. You are people, with some kind of ideology, you live and breathe like everyone else. For me you don’t mean less then a refugee from a war zone or a pauper from a park bench. If you were in need of help, I would help you as I help them. Everyone has his own walk of life, everyone had seen traumas in his life, which makes everyone see the world a bit differently, reach different decisions. My job is to try to advance some stability for the people in the system I’m in. And in this case “people” means everybody, who by birth or as a new arrival is part of our community or wants to be one. I want to work with these people. 

The fact that right now I’m working with refugees is not a part of a great plan and it doesn’t have any ulterior motives. This is where I am now, what makes me busy, but I have already volunteered with Hungarian visually impaired, with horses, in kid’s camps, with homeless and so on. Every person is different and brings different experiences. Right now I need the experiences of the refugees and they need mine, so we help each other mutually. You see? I’m not your enemy, I don’t want to impair your power or  my own home country, I only wish to make a connection with these people, who were accepted by the Hungarian authorities, so that I can integrate this experience into my future work.

I don’t think that the government is omnipotent. Nor do I think people can be. But if the government and  the people could work together more efficiently, who knows … something really good may come out of it.  I’m not against it and I never was. But as I have mentioned in the beginning, I had a feeling recently of being shut out, as if the government made its decisions in total seclusion, without involving anybody, as if the government had turned its back to those citizens, who for example could efficiently help and take part in handling the case of refugees. For there’s a cause to take part in, let’s face it. 

Dear Lázár János,

I have learned about your existence yesterday. I realized that there’s a progamme called“Kormányinfó” , and I admit I liked the way you talked about those issues. However, the content reflected that black-or-white view, but the way you put it! And I thank you for it. Thank you for opening up to us, civilians. It was with a great relief that I heard you want to support our projects in some form, and we can place our trust in you. I am so sorry to realize I have been misunderstanding your communication up till now, because the truth is even I am important as a citizen. Although I’m afraid it is just my understanding of what you said, and it wasn’t an opening up for us, but you know, hope dies last.

Dear János,

I want you to know that I love you as human beings. Please don’t regard me as an enemy, because I don’t aim to harm anybody. I don’t know how to explain that I am not working on a “great plan”, that I only want to create. I want to create something to the advance of myself, you and my home country. If we can do this together: I’m up for it. Unfortunately I don’t know where to knock on the Parliament’s door, or  which window should I try to shout in — “Hello, I’m here, notice me and work together!”

So this is where I want to ask you, dear Lázár János, to come out of the Parliament and meet me somewhere were an average person like me can enter and let’s create something great together!

With my thanks and 

Best regard,
Siklósi Brigitta
Chairwoman of Migration Aid Alapítvány