The greatest countryside action of Migration Aid offers help for thousands of Hungarians in need

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We have delivered in the past 2 weeks 90 cubic meters of donations to small settlements of North-East Hungary. It took days to deliver tens of thousands of sweaters, pants, coats and shoes from Migration Aid’s main warehouse to the temporary warehouse in Debrecen. From then on Migration Aid’s local volunteers worked with social workers in handing out the donations to the families in need. Besides clothing we have distributed furniture, kitchen accessories, toys — toys were handed out to poorer nurseries too. Hundreds of sleeping bags and blankeds were given to the homeless, and more than 20 thousand plastic plates and cutlery to the homeless shelters. Donations form our German, Austrian and Swiss partners were the foundation for this aid action, which will be continued next week.
If someone throws a stone at you, return with bread instead — following this Christian ideal Migration Aid will deliver donations even to those settlements where the locals objected to letting refugees accepted by the state have vacations there.