The political communication is built to make a lie to look like the truth

The article “A conspiracy darker than Plan Soros uncovered” was published on Monday. Based on the reactions – as the author of the article – I’d like to recommend the following train of thought. In the past few weeks I have been traveling around the country and talking to people in reference to the planned “vacations” for refugees hosted by the Hungarian state. The opinions of the everyday people were mostly the same:
– I’m afraid of them.
– Why?
– Because I saw in the TV that …
The little old lady from Esztergályhorváti (let’s call her Marika) knows perfectly well when the tomatoes should be planted in the spring. She has 50 years of experience on this matter. If the TV announced that she shouldn’t plant the tomatoes in the spring, but in the winter, she would think they went mad — and would go on with planting tomatoes as she had been doing before. But with refugees — Marika has no experiences with them on her own. And if she is constantly bombarded from her favorite TV and radio stations with slogans like the refugees are part of a Muslim horde which wants to uproot the whole of Europe, sooner or later she will take this in as her own opinion. And this will make her fear too, naturally. Let’s not forget that the governing parties have been systematically building a media empire in the past few years, which — especially in the countryside — has become the only available news outlet for lots of people.
The work of Migration Aid is not encumbered by the government or any politicians, but by the public sentiment. These months have showed us that the rabble rouser, fear-mongering propaganda finally stuck in the minds of hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even millions. This state not only makes it difficult to settle in efficiently into the host society for someone coming from a different culture (or even having different color), even if he/she isn’t a refugee, but it also has built larger and larger walls between Hungarians themselves.
Migration Aid has started its work as an aid organization. But as we stand today we have to convince the majority of the society that it is reasonable and permissible to help our fellow humans even if they weren’t born on this particular 93.000 square km. And this is even more of a challenge than helping refugees.
We’ve been talking a lot lately in Migration Aid about what would be the best strategy today. My case is this: we should inspire sober, analytic and considerate thinking — in every possible way. It is very hard to build a bridge to our fellow men gripped by fear and poisoned by the propaganda of the governing parties. There are some who don’t even hear a sound and sober message, not just because they don’t want to, but because they are already unable to make the changes in their mindsets. But I’m confident that the majority is still guarding the relics of common sense.
As George Orwell put it, the political communication is built to make a lie to look like the truth. In the next weeks or months we will have to show that the government propaganda is filled with dozens of lies regarding the case of refugees. By building a very spectacular, but practically useless fence they have made people believe that this is the key to their safety. We will demonstrate why this is a lie. They set an inhumane refugee policy as the safeguard of Hungarian culture and people. We will demonstrate why this is a lie. They say that the refugees are the cause of terrorism in Europe. We will demonstrate why this is a lie …
Our struggle is not against any person, party or government. It is against the lies which deceives and divides the people excessively. And against the fear which stems from these lies.