Migration Aid came to life as a grassroots (self-structuring, civilian) organization in 2015. In the first few months it was a collective name of autonomous local groups, who were trying to give help to their fellow men at the peak of the refugee crisis. To make the work of organization and administration more effective, Migration Aid International was registered at the end of October 2015. By that time the main focus of aid work was abroad (Croatia, Serbia and Greece), the MAI was registered in the United Kingdom. By the second half of 2016, Hungary became prominent again as a transit country, so the board of MAI chose to endow a charity in Hungary. The Migration Aid Foundation was registered in June 2017.

The members of board of Migration Aid International: Aida El-Seaghi, Katalin Fritz, Melinda Opra and András Siewert. The chairman of board for the Migration Aid Foundation is Brigitta Siklósi, the vice-chairman is András Siewert, and Etelka Markó is also a member. The coordination between the different organizational units for supporting refugees is handled by the Council of Operations.

There are plenty of online presences named Migration Aid, most of them are already mainly inactive web pages or Facebook groups. Migration Aid International and Migration Aid Foundation are using only these:


Weboldal: migrationaid.org
Facebook oldal: facebook.com/migrationaid.org
Facebook csoport: Migration Aid International
Twitter: @migrationaidorg