Unexpected turn of events in the Hungarian asylum policy

I have to admit that our asylum policy has been shaped by a misguided concept for the last few years – said the Hungarian prime minister in today’s press conference, which was attended by the spokesperson of Migration Aid as well.
The prime minister explained that the safety of the country’s citizens is still a priority, however, there would be a greater emphasis on the humanitarian aid of actually indigent refugees.
To answer the question of the spokesman of Migration Aid, as to what caused the change of heart, the prime minister said that during his recent visit to the transit zone at Röszke he had a talk with a family with five children, where the father used to be an interpreter for the NATO forces stationed in Afganistan. Because of this, the man had a bounty placed on his head by the talibans, and therefore was forced to flee, along with his family. The prime minister added: “I had to bethink myself, what I would consider to be the right thing to do, if a Hungarian family were to ask for asylum somewhere in the world under similar circumstances.”
Answering the question of our spokesman, the prime minister added that he would give a detailed interview to Migration Aid about the prospective changes in migration policy.

Unfortunately this is not the reality. This article is part of our campaign called EMPATHETIC HUNGARY. In this campaign we check the press for fresh news about migration and refugees and we transform these news to show what the press could talk about in this country if our political leaders would be humane, empathetic and working responsibly for a better future. Would you too prefer to live in an empathetic, benign country?